Visit from the Fire Brigade, November 2001


St Maryís Episcopal Primary School
Smithy Loan
12th November 2001

Dear Stirling Fire Brigade,

I really appreciated your consideration in coming to our school. I really liked all your equipment .My favourite was the hose. I loved it when it was on jet. I liked the siren as well. Thank for letting wear the hats. In fact I liked you and your engine so much that I did some research on it. It told us how the front of the fire engine lifts up to let you get into the engine. We had a guide dog come into our school and we did some research on that as well.

I really liked all the lights and the way you used all your equipments. I just wanted to ask do you have a ladder on your fire engine and if you do where is it? I was always interested in fire because of the way it spreads. I always sit beside my fire and watch it. My fire is a real fire. Iím very interested in all your equitant.

Yours sincerely, Robert.   


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