Winter Poetry
February 2001

Snow drops are so fun dripping down one by one.
No noise they make.
On the window zooming down having races.
hat a sight to see.
Drip drop in the puddle.
Raining down from the sky.
On the roof and every where.
Plop down I come.

Snowballs are thrown
No stones in the snowball
On the ground snowballs are all small
Wishing I was good at making snowball
Balls are
All over the ground
Little snowball
Little snowball are so small

Snowmen are fun to build.
Now it has snowed.
Oh it is just so fun to build a snowman.
Wow it's so big now I've finished it.
Mum will be impressed.
And when it has melted it will still be fun.
Now I can build it again.

Snowflake whirling down from the sky
Now lies on the ground
On the ground they lie silently
Watch the snowflakes flutter down
Fall down tiny snowflakes
Little snowflakes come down
All the snowflakes are tiny
King of beauty
Every dog comes and eats the snowflake

Snowflakes falling gently,
Nobody can dance so prettily,
On the world's ground they lie so thick,
Whispering their secret out,
Falling everywhere,
Lying so peacefully,
All is quiet, all is calm,
Kind and caring,
Evening snow.

Snowflakes are lovely,
None of them are best,
On that peaceful snowy day,
Whirling everywhere,
Falling into my hand,
Lovely to look at carefully,
All are beautiful,
Keep on falling,
Evening go come day.

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