Starting Primary Four/Five
September 2005

It was exciting but scary starting primary five but itís not all that bad once you get used to it .  Itís just like primary four but with different people in the class .  Even though the work is one step higher, it still feels like primary four work!! The subjects we do are: writing, art, maths, mental maths, problem solving, P.L.Pís (Personal Learning Plans), gym, drama, handwriting and reading. I like most subjects because I donít like being stuck bored at home!! Also school is fun!!    (by Rebecca)

When I started primary four it was weird but exciting. When it was our assembly I had to read out what I liked about Scotland. We sang the Skye boat song. The whole school had to do a personal learning plan, just now we have a maths target, mine is problem solving.  (by Daisy)

This is what I remember doing in primary four / five. I remember making the black houses. I pressing the Butter flies and drawing pictures of the countryside. I also remember singing the skye boat song. I remember doing personal project about Wallace and Bruce.  (by Carrick)


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