My Magic Box
February 2006


My Magic Box

 I will put into my box
A sacred moment on a velvet lake
Underneath a golden sky,
A room with a view onto rolling plains
To watch silver swans fly by.

 I will put into my box
A meadow, lush and green,
Chirping crickets on a late night in spring
And flowers that dance ‘neath pounding feet
As pastel dreams take wing.

I will put into my box
Forgotten secrets, carried away by tiny hands
And left in an enchanted wood
To be picked up and flown away on butterfly wings
And landed somewhere good.

 I will put into my box
A great big hug
To be passed around the world
Accepted by all, rejected by none
As the love is unfurled.

I will put into my box
That one happy moment between sleeping and waking
When anything can happen

When anything is real
Before you are awake again.

My box is fashioned from oak,
Carved by elves from an ancient tree, so frail.
My box has happy moments carved into the lid
And is tied shut by a hair from a unicorn’s tail.

 In my box I shall dance on a glassy azure sea
In my box I can be free.

Emma, P7



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