St.Mary's has had a School Pupil Council for several years now. Councillors are elected from among the pupils, by the pupils, at the beginning of each academic year. The school council aims to give pupils an opportunity to discuss school-related issues which are important to them, and to give pupils some responsibility and involvement in the running of the school. School council meetings are held every 3 weeks, and an open meeting is held at the end of the academic year at which councillors report and take questions on the year's activities.

The Pupil Council are elected each year to represent pupils views on how we can make St Mary’s a happy school in which to work and learn.
So if you have any ideas or suggestions please contact your Pupil Council representative.

Over the past few years, the School Council has achieved many things, including:
* A rota for use of the lower playground
* Baking to raise money for Kosovo
* Starting a debating club
* Raising money for Red Nose Day
* Initiating the presentation of a school mug when pupils gain 5 merit certificates
* Selling of baking to raise money to buy sports equipment
* Re-surfacing of the lower playground
* Earlier finishing time for P3-P7 pupils
* Arranging that pupils receiving a merit certificate should also receive a sweet
* Increased use of technology equipment during Golden Time
* Arranging for staff to teach netball rules during P.E. so that it can be played at lunchtime
* Arranging for new goal posts
* Discussion of monitors contracts
* Buddy Stop
* Giant chess and draughts for the playground
* Acquiring a table tennis table and arranging a rota for using it at lunchtime
* Writing a press release to explain the council's views on self-governing
* Discussion on Pokemon cards
* Starting a school newspaper
* A leaf sweeping rota
* An ice and snow clearing rota
* A rota for setting up playground equipment