In August 2005 the then Primary 6/7 class, encouraged by the enthusiasm of their class teacher, started to take an interest in Eco issues. They set up a class committee and started to investigate Eco Issues and how they might impact on our school and community. They carried out an initial review, presented findings and shared their enthusiasm with the rest of the school at assembly.

From there on interest grew. By June 2006 a committee of staff, teaching and non teaching, pupils representing nursery to Primary 7 and parents had been formed.  Initially this committee concentrated on plans to improve the school grounds and was known as the Groovy Gardeners.  Later its scope was widened to include all Eco issues.

The Committee

The Eco Committee members are:  Teachers, Pupils, Helpers and Parents.

We try to meet every month to discuss the how the school is progressing in eco matters such as the garden and our Green Flag.
After Eco Week we are going to elect different committee members. Pupils decide whether they want to be on the committee or not and then make a short speech saying why they would like to be on the committee and then everyone votes for the person they think would do well on the committee.
The minutes are taken by older pupils then put up on the notice board.
After every meeting the members feedback to their class and ask for ideas.
At some meetings the House and Vice captains join us and give us reports on how their house is getting on with their Eco action plans.

Cromlix House

Cromlix House - Our Target is to be a tidy, litter-free school.

Our targets were to get a new bin, get new pegs for the corridors, to organise a litter pick and a lunch packaging survey, set up a certificate for the neatest classroom, and organise a puppy poop scoop or try and make owners be responsible and clean it up them selves.

What we did

·        We have completed most of our targets, but we still have to put some in action.

·        We have put a new bin in the playground.

·        We put coat pegs in the corridors

·        We have organised litter picks, in the school and community and another one is being contemplated.

·        We have given a certificate to the tidiest classroom and more are to follow.

·        We did a survey to find out what packaging people use for packed lunches



·        The bin had an immediate result- we have to empty it two times a week now, it’s so full. We won a Stirling council trophy for our tidiness and the bin helped.

·        The pegs had an effect but not as a strong one. We still have a coat problem because so many of the pegs have snapped.

·        The litter pick was fantastic- we had lots of fun. And the best part was the school looked super. 

·        People are definitely trying to keep the school tidy and clean.                                  


Please find attached:

·        News paper article about winning the cup

·        Copy of bin rota

·        Tidiest classroom award

·        Example of packaging survey


Next Steps

·        Campaign to use reusable packaging for packed lunches

·        Doggy poop scoop

·        Conduct detailed litter survey

·        Another New bin? 

·        Trip to landfill site

·        Another certificate for tidiest classroom     

·        Fix broken pegs         


Keir House

Keir House - Grounds

Our targets

 Re-paint the playground games, make new Football rules, get new football goals and footballs, rota for leaves sweeping and football lines on the pitch.

What we did

We have completed these targets by

  • Re-paint games- we have sent a letter to the P.A asking for paints to paint the playground games. The P.A replied back saying that they agreed to give us the paints.
  • Make new football rules-we have made new football rules and we have instated a referee to enforce them.
  • New footballs and football goals- Mrs Paterson has gotten us new playground balls which are suitable for the playground as they are not too hard. Also we are ordering new football goals as the ones we have now are breaking.
  • Rota for Leaves- We have made a rota and we have involved everybody in it.
  • Lines on the pitch- We have sent a letter to Mrs Cameron (who owns our bottom pitch) to ask if we can get lines on the pitch. She replied back saying that we were allowed to put lines on the pitch.



  • The football rules made an immediate change to football as it used to be unfair teams and people cheating and now the referee has changed all that by enforcing the rules.
  • The rota for leaves made a change as well for because we sweeped up the leaves the playground was nice and tidy.



Please find attached:

  • Rota for leaves
  • Football rules
  • Letter to Mrs Cameron
  • Letter to P.A


Next Steps

We are thinking of

  • Getting a green house
  • Getting a wormery
  • Get a Sun Dial
  • Get a Bird bath
  • Get a Bird feeder
  • Get a Bird house
  • Plant Sunflowers
  • Put Pond back in fern alley
  • Paint front of school
  • Paint games/lines on pitch
  • Plant things around Dunblane with The Dunblane Development Trust


Kilbryde House


Kilbryde House - Waste

Our targets were to be more recyclable and composting friendly.

We have progressed this by….

  • Setting up a rota for both recycling and composting for all classes.
  • Reduced the amount of paper towels used by putting up posters.
  • We have put up posters to remind pupils to compost and recycle.
  • Some of the primary 4/5 went to a composting workshop.
  • Avril Robertson came to help us carry out a waste audit.
  • We have started photocopying double sided to save paper.
  • Using our own homemade compost for our garden.
  • Made a power point about composting and presented to the rest of the school.
  • The schools Art Club have been decorating cloth bags to use instead of plastic bags and we sold them at the grotto.
  • Swept up leaves around the school and put it into the composter or made separate leaf mould.
  • At our house meetings we get someone to take minutes so we can put them up on our house wall.
  • We have started emailing the newsletters to parents so we don’t waste paper.
  • The nurseries have been collecting buttons to use as art supplies.
  • Collecting crockery for making mosaics during Eco Week.

Impact: We are composting and recycling.

Evidence- Please find attached

  • Minutes
  • Photos
  • Waste Audit results
  • Reduced use of A4 paper information


Next Steps:

  •  The whole school is taking part in a technology project to recycle a newspaper.
  • We are also going to the landfill site during Eco Week to find out even more about recycling and reusing



Kippenross House

Kippenross House - Energy

Our Targets were to be more energy efficient.

We have progressed by:

·        Doing spot checks – we have a team of people who go around the school once a week at breaktimes to check that the lights, computers and projectors are turned off

·        Meter readings – We have two people that read the gas meter twice a week and two people that read the electricity meter twice a week.

·        Water Savers – We had a ‘Hippo Team’ who had a meeting and organised buying the Hippos. We have organised an older person to work with a younger person to make a poster to explain to people that they are there.

·        Water Butt – we have now installed a water butt so we can use recycled water to water the plants.

·        Visitors – We have had two people out to talk in our house meeting from Stirling Council.

·        Posters-We have put up some posters in the toilet to remind people to turn off taps.


Impact- We are wasting less energy and water.

Evidence – Please find attached:

  • Hippo report with photo
  • Meter graph
  •  Water butt picture
  • Spot check table

Next Steps

  • Learn more about renewable energy – we are having a visit to the Wind Farm
  • In Eco Week we are having a whole school Energy Experiments day



You can view the Eco-Schools national web site at