Parent Council

  The role of the Parent Council is to assist Mrs Paterson and the staff in maintaining the smooth and happy running of the school. It also provides a link between parent/carers and staff, where issues can be raised and discussed at meetings.  Examples of this practice over the last session include:
  • Reading and commenting on revised school policies.
  • Collecting information from nursery parents for a quality of care report
  • Clarification of the school’s position on such things as Halloween celebrations and disruption to school meal service.
  • An ongoing campaign to improve road safety and considerate parking outside school.

Meetings are held every 6 to 8 weeks in the staff room.  They are never longer than 2 hours and are very informal.  Please give some consideration to joining the council. You would be made very welcome.  Everyone who has a child at St Mary’s school or nursery has an opinion that matters. A wide cross section of views is important and it would be good to involve as many families as possible.

  At the AGM on 10th September 2008 the following was discussed and agreed:

Committee Members are as follows
Post holders:
Chair               Fiona Gornall
Treasurer        Alison Diamond
Secretary        Mary Toop
Ordinary members:
Rosalind Ginoris,
Doug Tullis
Andrew Proctor.

We would like to welcome new committee members:
Mary Watson
Lisa Stewart
Caroline Paterson

The staff representative is
Jenny Kinvig

Parents/carers from nursery and school are welcome to attend any meetings. If anyone has a matter to be discussed please contact Fiona Gornall or Mary Toop and it can be added to the agenda.

The minutes of the meetings are posted on the outdoor school notice board and on the school website.

The next meeting is Wednesday 22nd October 2008 at 7.00pm in the staffroom.

There is a DVD available explaining the new Curriculum for Excellence which replaces ‘5-14’.  Please ask Fiona Gornall if you would like to borrow it. 

We are still working with Stirling Council to implement improvements in safety measures along Smithy Loan, as outlined in the travel plan sent home earlier in the year. It is a very slow process.  Parents/carers can help by

·         Only driving along Smithy Loan if completely necessary, using the India Gate as an ideal car park – PARK AND STRIDE

·         NOT parking at either end of the ZIGZAGS

·         REMEMBERING it is illegal to drop off/park on the single yellow line opposite school

·         Watching your speed

Please could this message be passed on to all parents/carers who have the responsibility of bringing/collecting your children from nursery and school.

Finally we would like to express our thanks to Janice Cameron who has been a member of the Parent Council and former School Board.  We shall miss her expertise, knowledge, experience of all things ‘St Mary’s’ and her sense of humour.  We wish her a very happy retirement.

Fiona Gornall


St Mary’s Episcopal Primary School Parent Council


Next Meeting The date of the next meeting of the Parent Council is to be confirmed.

All parents are welcome to attend and any items for the agenda can be given to Fiona Gornall or Mary Toop.


PSA (Parent Staff Association)

  Our purpose is to raise funds for the school to provide ‘the icing on the cake’ extras for pupils by way of subsidising school outings, and purchasing additional items for the school.  We’re all parents and can be contacted through the school office or through the PA page on the school web site.
  The PA wants to hear your comments/ideas on fundraising and the spending of future monies.  A suggestions/comment box is now online for anyone wishing to share ideas or to voice any views/complaints regarding anything PA related.  Feel free to contact any member or, even better, come along to one of our meetings - we’re always looking for additional parental involvement.


Minutes The minutes of previous meetings can be downloaded here:
  PSA Minutes 20th January 2009

  PSA Minutes 17th March 2009 (draft)
  PSA Minutes 2nd June 2009 (draft)


Next Meeting The next meeting of the PSA will be held in early September, exact date to be confirmed.


Constitution The PSA Constitution can be downloaded here:
  Parent Staff Association Constitution