Severe Weather Arrangements

Specific Guidelines for Parents

  1. Listen for radio announcements on Central FM which will be broadcast as soon as possible if school is to be closed completely.

  2. If you are telephoning school before 9.00am be prepared for the fact that there may be no definite decision for another hour.

  3. Defer telephone call until 9.30am - 10.00am when the situation may be clearer. (Hopefully your own employers will expect you also to be delayed if the weather is severe).

  4. Make the decision on grounds of safety whether or not to send/bring your child to school bearing in mind:
    a) that he/she may have to be sent home or to an emergency contact if insufficient numbers of staff turn up
    b) normal programmes of work may be adapted

  5. Ensure that if your child comes to school you/your emergency contact is available for that day and that we have up-dated information on your emergency contact in the event of your child being sent home.